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Overlooked as her father’s heir, Giovanna dedicates herself to supporting her hedonistic playboy brother as the new mafia boss. Loyal and stoic, Giovanna puts the famiglia before all else, but when she meets the woman her brother is being forced to marry it feels like fate is screwing her again. 

Torn between commitment to her family and an all-consuming obsession with her brother’s reluctant fiancée, Giovanna is faced with the temptation to put herself first for once. 

Sent away to the other side of the world by parents who didn’t know how to deal with her trauma, Francesca is summoned home eight years later and told she is to marry Sydney’s new mafia boss. Devastated at the prospect of the arranged marriage and her fiancé’s philandering reputation, Francesca turns to her soon-to-be sister-in-law. It’s been eight years since she saw Giovanna but she is no less incurably infatuated with her than when she was shipped off at sixteen.

The famiglia’s mafia power struggles are nothing compared to the battles Giovanna and Francesca wage internally over their feelings for each other. Giovanna proves time and again that she will do anything to protect her brother’s fiancée but is she willing to take what’s hers?

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